Monday, March 30, 2009

Thanks Whittier!!

Hey guys and girls!!!
It's Lond here!! Just wanted to give a million thank yous to all the people who made it out to our show at the Red Cross! I know there were a few other really good shows going on that day (Cali Metal fest, Bleeding Through/ABRB, Paid Dues (Atmosphere)) but you guys came out and showed us what the Whittier metal/hardcore scene is all about!! I'm really proud that there were no fights and it looked like everyone got their money's worth!! Also big thanks to the dudes in Enthral (except all the anoyying friends they brought in the band room who drank all the water that was for the bands) and our close buddies in Random Animal who played there first show, did you anyone catch their set?? Some people said they were better then us?! Well whatever! As long as you're out supporting local/independant music thats all the matters, there is no way bands can do this without support from their local scene. So once again thanks and lets do this again at the Green Turtle April 14th w/ Fate! see you soon!!

- lond

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