Monday, March 23, 2009

Black and White design contest!!!

Here is some more details about the black and white design contest!

We need a black and white design for a sticker/button/shirt!!! the winner will get the prize of his art being printed on a piece of Antagonist merch and one free item from our merch table at any upcoming show.

Rules for the contest!!

1. All artist must use the black and white logo from our myspace photo album, unless you create an original logo.

2. Please be original and creative, although we are open minded, please try not to photoshop googled images.

3. You may submit as many designs as you wish, but you can only win once.

4. Don't message use asking "What do you guys want for the design?" We want to see YOUR creativity, you're the artist! you're the boss!!

5. Please no homophobic or racist designs, we will not tolerate such senselessness.

6. All designs must be sent to with "Black and White Contest" as the subject line no later then April 30th 2009

7. I must stress that all designs must be in BLACK and WHITE only, this will be printed on a shirt, sticker, and or button.

...I think the rules are pretty simple, we will pick four (4) winners; each winner will be announced on May 4th 2009 via email, there will be one t shirt design winner, one sticker design winner, and two button design winners. Each contest winner will receive the prize of having their art work printed on a piece of Antagonist merchandise, one free item from our merch table at any upcoming show (limited to stock on hand) as well as the finished product with the artist's artwork.

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