Thursday, September 17, 2009

a buncha new shit...

So, we hardly write in this but i figured "what the hey?" Lots of stuff to talk about, i'll try and make it as short as possible.

As you may already know, we've finally completed our line-up with the addition of bassist Nick Reyes. He's been a good friend of ours since the early days so we're very fortunate to have him in the band. With that, we've been doing lots of stuff to get Antagonist v3.0 going. First off is new music...

We've been writing a SHITLOAD, and i think for the first time ever, we have a surplus of songs. Usually we're scrambling last minute (i'm talking 2 days before we record an album) to write that 10th song to complete an album. That's how "the Chaos we Breathe" was written, that's how "Your Face Deserves a Crowbar" was written, and i think that's how "Nameless" was written too. Anyway...

We just recorded a brand new track, courtesy of our boy Adam Campbell from the Funeral Pyre. He's doing demo's for bands now, check his stuff out at Anyway, the song is called "Wake Up and Smell the Lies," and it was written by Roland. It's been quite a while since I didn't have to be the one to write a song, and it's very refreshing. The new stuff will be more eclectic than usual. I don't mean we're going all psychedelic or spacey or experimental, it's still going to be metal. I just know our different guitar styles are going to make something kind of crazy sounding, so i can't wait for that.

And since we have our full line-up, that can only mean one thing: TOUR TIME!! Ah yes, the funnest time of the year, the thing we all look forward to...sort of. I've been booking a 2 week run since early August and I wasn't getting much help at all from promoters. We pretty much scrapped the tour 2 weeks ago because people just weren't responding and shows were falling through. But i stuck it out for a little longer and now we're back in action and ready to go.

It seems like NOBODY wants to help these days. The myspace generation is lazy, apathetic and socially retarded, and it's only going to get worse. To make things harder, illegal downloading and the oversaturation of bands in the market has made it virtually impossible to make a living playing this kind of music. Sure, you can easily contact people all over the world on myspace which seems like it would make booking a tour easier. But since there are so many shitty copycat bands out there regurgitating the same old bullshit over and over again and thinking they can go on tour playing their shitty brand of deathcore or what have you, it gives us less of an opportunity to do what we do best. I can go on for days about this, and I have before...but i digress.

Fact is, we're back in action, we're ready to tour, and soon we'll be itching to record a new album. It's tough being in a metal band this day and age, but someone's gotta do it. See ya on the road.

Conichiwa, bitches.